For Black Creatives who were told they weren't black enough
Stepping Into Your Black Creative Power!

FREE 90min live online workshop with Kristin Iris

Here is what you'll learn:

In this FREE workshop you'll learn how to step into your Black Creative Power by breaking down some of the most pervasive messages of not "enoughness" - messages around your Blackness. We will break down The Oreo Complex, its roots in white supremacy, and the vast impact it has on your sense of self, relationships, and creative work. Imposter syndrome? Perfectionism? Quieting your voice? These are fed by The Oreo Complex to stifle your potential and impact.


Learn my 7-Step Framework to dismantle YOUR Oreo Complex and step up big for what you want so you can experience more freedom in your self-expression, more power in your Blackness, and new levels in your creative work!


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Presented by
Kristin Iris
June 28, 2019
7:00pm Central Time
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