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Have you ever downloaded a ‘free guide’ before and it’s basically a one pager directing you to contact the advertiser for more info etc?! DISAPPOINTING.


This is NOT one of those guides. In fact this guide is over 20 pages long, it is EVERYTHING we know about buying your first home. From kiwisaver to sale and purchase agreements to building reports, the lot. 


And its yours, for free. 


No strings attached. 


Why have we made this guide so big? Well it’s a long and sometimes complicated road to buying your first home, so we’ve included as much information in this guide without a filter!


We got sick of seeing the lack of education out there for first home buyers in NZ, so we have spent days, no make that weeks and weeks writing this guide so you can get on the property ladder faster. 


We can't wait to help you get onto the Property Ladder. 


Brent, HannaH, Bec's


- your Mortgage Mates

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