Create on Etsy & Create a Life on Your Terms
You’ve thought about it - a life that you create on your terms. You’ve got some creative skills and that burning question in the back of your mind - should I open an Etsy shop?
Are you ready?

The 5 topics to consider when pursuing the idea of opening

your Etsy shop.

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    Melissa Brakebill

    Creative Entrepreneur & Intentionality Educator

    Who am I?

    At the most important time in my life, a few months away from becoming a new mom, I re-gained control of my career and happiness by turning creativity into income on Etsy.


    Today, I continue to harness my creativity through my Etsy shops, but I also educate and inspire others on how they too can achieve entrepreneurial success!

    What will you learn?

    Understanding what it will take & if it is right for you is the first step before pursuing your entrepreneurship journey.


    You will learn about the importance of how Etsy can be the perfect starting point for your creative business & the mindset you need to have to be successful.