learn to like it challenge
free 3-day challenge to transform your family's meal times

At the end of this 3-day challenge, you will have a simple springboard and proven strategy for how to move forward with the Love it, Like it, Learning it® framework using your own Love it, Like it, Learning it® list.

You will discover how simple and yet customizable this framework is for creating "drag-and-drop" meal ideas that you can successfully offer your unique child.

Plus, by pairing preferred with non-preferred foods with this easy to apply, pressure-free framework, you will quickly see how to start exposing your family to more variety no matter what foods your children are (or are not!) currently eating.

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offered by pediatric dietitian, owner, and mom of 3, ashley smith

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January 6, 2019
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Hundreds of families are using the Love it, Like it, Learning it® framework to find less meal time stress and more feeding success. You can too through this simple yet effective three-day challenge.