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Oh, hey there. You clicked this thing. Thanks for doing that.


I'll cut right to it. I've had a long mental-health journey.


First it was taking care of a family member. And then it was learning to help myself.

And underlying issues were exacerbated after a sudden open-heart surgery.


My mental health absolutely plummeted to the worst it had been.


Through it all, I've learned a lot. And one thing I've learned is that mental-health information is not easily accessible.


What's worse, it's often negative in tone and filled with jargon.


For something that all of us have, it doesn't make sense to make mental health so difficult to figure out.


I read, write, and talk about mental health every day. And I think you'd get a lot out of my no-nonsense approach to talking about mental health.


That's why I created


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I'd love to have you join us on this journey.

I'm ready to get authentic, meaningful mental health information!

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