The workouts are only half the battle.

In order to get the MAX out of your training, you need to eat right!


The FREE Ultimate Composure Nutrition Guide

I’m not talking about eating like a normal person. I’m talking about eating like the food you put in your mouth is going to fuel you and turn into strength gains. This isn’t a guide that will teach you how to starve yourself. This is the Ultimate Composure Nutrition Guide that will show you exactly how to eat to ensure that no rep in the gym goes to waste and that you have the energy to power through the rest of your day.


Learn how to:

• Maximize muscle gain daily

• Charge through the fat loss phase without emaciating yourself

• Eat when you need to and stop worrying about timing that doesn’t matter

• Eat the proper macro ratio for you without counting calories

• Make eating the proper way part of who you are not just a random crash diet

• It’s all in here! 50+ pages of pure nutrition gold.

PLUS FULL ACCESS to my MACRO CALCULATOR that translates the results you want into simple to understand portion recommendations!


Don’t let all your hard work in the weight room go to waste just because you eat like a 12-year-old after school special.



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