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Jones O'Brien, an Afghanistan war veteran andSpeacial Forces operative, loses his wife to a horrible cancer. His faith in God is shaken. "What kind of God would do such a thing?" he asks. Angels answer. In this action filled novel about Gods Angelic Warriors and Satan's Demonic Fallen Angels, the battle for humankind is feirce and ongoing.

Satan and his minions know funn less that God has been very specific: there will be no going back. it is also clear that the Rapture, when it occurs, will result in the fallen angels being cast into the fiery pit for one thousand years. Hell will be their new home. It becomes clear that for Koal, Sonta, and Zorah that the process of turning the faithful to "The Darkness" must be accelerated if the fallen are to survive. Their only recourse is to eliminate believers.

Countering this wave of darkness is the task of the Angelic Warriors, Ephram, Arrow, and Michael, the most powerful of all the angels. Prayer, being asked to help, is the trigger behind all angelic intervention. Unless asked, the angels cannot intervene.

Set in the scenic wilderness of Southern Illinois, the battles at the Little Grand Canyon and The Garden of the Gods will fascinate readers of faith and those who have none.

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