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    This tool is a quick and easy way to move you from a state of negative thoughts and feelings to a powerful state of being. We have only TWO states of being, either powerful or primal. We can’t be in both states at the same time.

    The goal is to remain in a powerful state as much as possible so we can be creative, full of gratitude and experience joy. When we are in a primal state of thinking, we create tremendous angst for ourselves. This is what I call "circular thinking."

    The SABER Method helps us to move from a primal state of thinking to a powerful state of being with deliberate awareness. With our behaviors, we’ve created familiar pathways that easily becomes our go-to pattern. By using the SABER Method, we can literally change the direction and path of our thoughts/feelings and actions by creating NEW neuropathways. This is called neurosculping.

    You can do this in just a few minutes!

    Training our brain to think a new way takes time and practice. By using the SABER Method daily, this can help you to purposely become aware of your thoughts that lead to results.

    As a BONUS, there is another great tool included called ‘Think Through the Drink”. This prompted-questioned tool is beneficial for ALL self-sabotaging behaviors, not just drinking as the title suggests.

    I hope you find the SABER Method and Think Through the Drink helpful for your moments of stress, overwhelm, anxiousness, negative spins, and when you are experiencing triggers or cravings.