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They came from the void, and they brought their Machines.


They came for a secret as old as life, and to get it,

they would burn every world in their path.


They invaded a planet far off, a world of legends and

wars and Great Ice Clans. But against the Machines,

the Clans had no chance.


Barely escaping, the King of the Clans found Earth.

Then, like other men in strange new worlds, he also

found a woman.


And the Son of the King was born.


The Son would save the far world, or so an old Promise

foretold. But the boy grew up alone, and - ignorant of his

past, his only world was East Detroit.


Then one night when the stars went dark, the boy heard

the truth...and rejected every word. He believed in little,

maybe nothing at all, and certainly not in a world far-off

or a Promise foretold.


And then they came to Detroit.



Author: Lawrence Brown


Page count: 600


Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy/Steampunk


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